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4 Spring/Summer Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid at all Costs

4 Spring/Summer Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid at all Costs

Not everyone was born with a natural sense of style, and sometimes, we make mistakes without even being aware of them. Finding clothing for spring or summer can be difficult for the fashion-challenged and knowing what to wear and not to wear isn’t always clear-cut. However, when you understand the basics of spring and summer wear, building the perfect wardrobe for you becomes easy. Here is four spring and summer fashion faux pas you shouldn’t commit.

Avoiding Sweaters

Depending on where you live, sweaters could be very handy during the spring period. Some areas have to deal with low temperatures and snow until late April, and unless you’re prepared, you could be stuck having to wear a bulky fall sweater. Companies like Inhabit have a wide selection of sweaters you can wear all year long and they’re warm enough for cold spring days and chilly spring nights. Designs from INHABIT are versatile and they also have many stylish cardigans you can choose from.

Under Dressing/Over Dressing

Knowing how much to wear during the spring months can be a challenge. Especially after months of chilly weather. It may be difficult to let go of your layers, especially when you found comfort in them during the winter. But that doesn’t mean you should let go of them completely. Go for light layers, like a t-shirt with a button up or a cardigan with a sweater. You be able to take off the top layer whenever you need to and won’t have to worry about getting cold either.

Anything too Revealing or Casual

People have a tendency to let things go in the summer and may be tempted to go too casual at times. Flips flops, crop tops, and short shorts might be fine and all if you’re going to a music festival, but not necessarily in an office setting. If you’re going to wear a top with a revealing neckline or in sheer fabric, make sure that you layer it with something like an opaque camisole. And you should avoid things like wearing short shorts and long tops together too.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look professional and sexy. Tube tops or sleeveless tops, V-backs, and even miniskirts can look very professional when worn right. Halter and off-shoulder necks or shoulder cutouts are also hot trends that you could wear without looking inappropriate in most settings.

Torn, Discolored, or Creased

There are times when ripped, frayed, or faded jeans or tees might look good, but there’s a fine line between cool and trashy. If your t-shirt, leggings, or cardigan is fraying, then it won’t look good no matter the situation. Avoid combining faded black pieces together and avoid dirty sneakers at all costs too if possible.


Avoiding these mistakes will allow you to start building a solid wardrobe and nail it during the summer and spring months. At the end of the day, make sure that you choose a style that represents you, and make sure that you put comfort first before you pick anything.

April 13, 2019

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