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Hello and welcome , thank you for visiting !

My name is Philip,

In 2004, started me as an affiliate, in major markets, such as Amazon, Ebay, and many others, for years bought information, websites, software, books, was gaining knowledge about tips, tricks and methods about affiliate marketing, and digital.
Work at home, it was always my goal.
In the year 2014, I started to dedicate several hours daily to marketing, social networks, blogs, websites, affiliates, SEO, traffic, advertising, classifieds.
I started to edit my sites and blogs, do my advertising campaigns and promote all my work; I've created some small online stores. This is the Big Shop , a dream almost come true, because there is still much work to do until 100% personable!


In the last 3 years I've made several purchases online, I have been in contact with reliable manufacturers and distributors, all payments and distribution processes are in accordance with the legislation in force in the various countries, taxes, fees and transportation.
I'm trying to present different and new products at the best prices
I look forward to your visit and wish you happy shopping!
I hope you like it, greetings!

My store accepts payments with: 

PayPal Express Checkout, Stripe, BitPay, Amazon Payments, LAY-BUY Powered by PayPal.



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PS: I leave a few links of my small shops.

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