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Dress design

Dress design

Dress design

From the silhouette point of view, the change of the dress is not much, it is the change of details to enrich the connotation of the dress. Tonight, we’re going to talk about all the things that went so far.

1. Collar design

Collar is one of the visual center of the person, outstanding collar design can let formal attire graces quite much. Although there are various styles of formal dresses, they are mainly divided into high collar and low collar.

High collar dress, mainly large and small high collar, love collar, pile collar, etc.

Low-necked gowns mainly include one-side collar, chicken neck, one-way slanted shoulder collar, drop-shoulder collar, square collar, U collar, V collar, jaw collar, ship-shaped collar, spoon-shaped collar and round collar and drooping collar with different depth.

2. Sleeve design

Most gowns feature a sleeveless silhouette.

And the formal attire that has sleeve, basically be palace type horn sleeve, sheep hoof sleeve, close sleeve, hubble-bubble sleeve, hang down sleeve to wait.

3. Waist design

The waist of formal attire is designed also be the part that cannot ignore, have connect a waist type and two intercept waist type commonly, part type.

In order to even the waist as the mainstream, the waist line position of the high and low points.

Although two section waist type is less, but section shape is very rich, have one word, V word, one way inclined type, in the middle is bud silk or gauze connection more.

Split type is fluctuation namely two, appear lively and nifty.

4. Pendulum design

There are mini hemlines, full hemlines, fishtail hemlines, middle hemlines and more than 360 degree hemlines.

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Cycloid also has a wealth of changes, there are high and low, horizontal, oblique and arc points.

The separated and joined drag pendulum is also a classification of the skirt pendulum. The separated drag pendulum is more flexible and can be worn in two ways.

5. Back design

Besides positive effect, back design also is the place that stylist people spends idea greatly.

The back of the dress has naked back type, wear belt type, horizontal type, V type, drape type and conservative type. The design of the back shows the charm of the dress by adding ornaments.

The back of such exquisite peerless, it is drool really, hateful night already deep, chat here first tonight, tomorrow night we come together to talk about the adornment on the dress design, adornment technique, be there or be not come loose.

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