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Korean bride hairstyle

Korean bride hairstyle

The makeup, hair and dress on the day of the wedding have to be screened and studied

The wedding hairstyle. Understand the Korean bride hair steps and characteristics, appreciate the Korean bride hair pictures, additional points for modeling.

1. Contracted dish hair is tie-in fashionable hair act the role of change the hottest bride modelling, many famous yuan noblewoman can have such a modelling.

2. The shaggy long bangs are full of lightness, and the chic braiding on the top of the head makes the hair more round and full. Transparent white

Gauze ornament is in left side, make the youth feeling that gives asymmetry, melting and inviting.

3 slant bang and eye have admirable modification effect, perm has apparent administrative levels, very fashionable have fan. Cover with a white veil

It becomes the most beautiful Korean short hair style for the bride.

4. How did the bride’s hair style get less white veil? Brown long hair optional dish rises, show slender beautiful neck, white veil

Adorn forehead, build a touch mysterious color, very inviting.

5. The air feels neat bang to the left very hot the radian that gives roll become warped, cover the double eye that forehead set off gives shui run. A towering ponytail

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The hair hoop of flower formative, pure and charming.

6 side points of the hair style asymmetry is strong, appear very fashion, fluffy hair tail in the visual effect of a thin face.

7. After the hair is braided, turn it around the top of the head into a braided hoop. Pin hair accessories around your ears

“, is also a full fairy style.

8 large mesh bow don’t in the overhead area, exaggerated but full of sweet greasy beauty, instantly enhance the sweet temperament.

9. The maruko head is matched with three-dimensional lace hair belt, which makes the hair look dynamic and fresh.

10. Fix the hair at the back of your head by curling it up. Pin the netting + feather hair ornaments on it

It’s a classic vintage hairstyle.

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