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Many brides like lace wedding dresses | ByCouturier

Many brides like lace wedding dresses | ByCouturier

Wedding dresses are supposed to be extravagant and eye-catching. There are a variety of materials to choose from, for your wedding gown. Lace is big news in the bridal industry this year, and with the trend for vintage inspired weddings looking set to continue, a lace wedding dresses will be on the wish list of many a bride to be.


Many brides, designers included, prefer to choose lace for their bridal dress as there is no fabric more feminine than a lace. What is more, lace wedding dresses never go out of fashion. One can be clothed in a lace bridal dress today and hand it down to the next generation without losing its distinctive richness and appeal. These dresses have been a rotating trend since the beginning of the 1900s and are most likely to continue trending in the next hundred years. In fact, most designers have never really stopped creating lace apparel because they know that this piece of art is timeless.


Not all brides want complete lace wedding gowns, but lace can also be used to add minor details. A lace overlay on top of a silk gown is a popular choice, as are delicate lace sleeves with a predominantly silk dress, or a lace bodice with a silk skirt. Lace details can be used at the waist, on the train, around the hem of the dress, or on the veil. Lace can also be used to make a shrug or jacket. Whether you choose an entire lace mermaid wedding dresses, or simple lace details, lace is beautiful, delicate, feminine, elegant and classical all at the same time, and these are exactly the qualities to look for in a bridal outfit.


Wedding dress, without a question, is the major consideration of the bride as far as wedding preparation is concerned. If its your vision to walk down the aisle in a timeless, stunning, and elegant white dress, romantic lace wedding dresses are always the perfect one for you.

March 8, 2019

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