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Thailand wedding travel guide

Thailand wedding travel guide

Thailand wedding travel guide

Thailand, an elegant and charming country, attracts many people. Nowadays, traveling weddings are becoming a popular way for young couples to get married. Many young couples travel to Thailand to get married. Then I will introduce Thailand travel wedding guide to you:

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Thailand wedding travel guide 1: Chiang mai

Chiang mai university is very beautiful. There is also a Confucius institute. One of the scenery in the campus is even more charming. After Chiang mai university sutie mountain is shuanglong temple. The price of Chiang mai is very cheap, much cheaper than Bangkok, and there are many delicious food, especially the powder of Chiang mai, which is very good.

Thailand wedding travel guide 2: bai county

To worship county, very sigh worship county resort town atmosphere. It’s really a very beautiful southeast Asian town. Mini bar, and the beautiful pastoral scenery.

Thailand wedding travel guide 3: Bangkok

The grand palais was grand, magnificent and impressive, but not as grand as one might expect. The boat runs on the river. On the bank of the river are some small shops selling handicrafts and snacks. Charter ship is moved slowly, can enjoy maritime amorous feelings to the top of one’s mind.

Thailand travel marriage guide, I hope you have a romantic trip!

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April 15, 2019

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