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Wedding shoes and wedding dress perfect match guide

Wedding shoes and wedding dress perfect match guide

Style 1: orthodox wedding dress

Peng peng skirt is orthodox marriage gauze the commonnest design, the shoe money that matchs with this kind of marriage gauze, design is simple can, it is beautiful with white, argent on colour, also won’t appear because of the brunet department shoe money that does not take tone when walking so and abrupt.

Style 2: additional kind fashionable dress money

The wedding dress of fashionable dress is not stuck at the elegance of orthodox wedding dress, the bride can better show ego individual character. This kind of wedding dress in the color of beige in the majority, the overall decorative strong, a large number of the use of fashion elements as the ornament of the dress, so in the shoes with shoes on the attention to catch the popular elements on the wedding dress, let the wedding dress on the accessories elements also show in the shoes, so more easily with color.

2. Cheongsam and wedding shoes

Style 1: dress style qipao

Gown by adopting cheongsam cheongsam cutting of the dress collocation of color and decorative pattern and design, let I don’t like wearing traditional Chinese dress of the bride has a new choice, for this dress collocation shoe money will need to pay attention to color, if is the design of and or the tail, on the choice of shoes to avoid as far as possible red, can choose than red slightly shallow color, give a visual hierarchy.

Style two: improved cheongsam

Most brides wearing cheongsam choose red shoes first. Red is the most appropriate colour really, but as a result of the traditional sex of dress, we can make an article on the design of the shoe, will increase the fashionable index of cheongsam, for instance embroider, the satin of inwrought or be the flat bottom shoe that does not think, can become the key that catches person eyeball.

Dress and wedding shoes

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Style 1: flower dress

Flowers bouncing feeling, no matter in any season is the focus of big heat, today season affected by large flowers the agitation of the dress, flower dress also future high-profile dress popular type, match with flower pattern series of shoe money can also be a flower, as long as according to the dress of color choose a solid colored shoe money.

Style 2: sequined dress

This kind of formal attire mostly relies on the flash piece, the water drill suture but becomes, the biggest characteristic is absolutely enough to flash. But metallic adornment formal attire can compare commonly bulky, emphasize cultivate one’s morality the effect, with the design that wipes a bosom and small condole to be in the majority commonly. Because the dress of metal adornment is easier refraction the light and shadow in banquet hall, choose the shoe money with low-key color as far as possible for advisability.

Style 3: fashion short gown

Tired of the same basic dress, the rise of the short dress for the wedding dress brought a new experience, the most critical point of this dress is the leg line above the hemline, a pair of stilettos is the best match for this dress.

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