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What kind of flowers are appropriate for a proposal

What kind of flowers are appropriate for a proposal

There are many legends about flowers. Rose gestates a love, lavender has paid a wait, cherry blossom makes a romance, rose abide by the oath. There are seven emotions and six desires hidden in flowers, and there are various emotions hidden in flowers. What do you give your girlfriend in marriage proposal? As a once in a lifetime wedding occasion, the appearance of flowers is expected, expected. The wonderful thing about flowers is that they create a romantic atmosphere in silence. Flowers have no words, but more than any words. The flower has no motion, but it is better than any action.

First of all, if she has a favorite flower, of course choose her favorite flower, no matter what the meaning, she likes it. It’s a lot, but not so much as a bunch that she can’t carry it. Of course you can pack a car in the trunk, which is also romantic.

If you don’t know the girl’s favorite flower, the best is the rose, the classic has its own reasons and significance to become a classic. Pick your partner’s favorite color or plastic flowers if you’re allergic to pollen. This kind of choice only suits the male to the female, the female to the male said separately may consult the flower language to choose:

Roses: love, love and beauty, glowing

Rose (red) : passion, love you

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Rose (pink) : moved, declaration of love, remembered in the heart

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Rose (white) : innocence, purity, respect

Roses (bouquet) : the love of happiness

Rose (orange red) : the first love’s mood

Rose (black) : noble, mysterious you are my goddess

Rose (bud): beauty and youth

Rose (red + white): total

Rose (red + yellow): happy

Rose (blue) : pure love, honest and kind

Rose (green) : pure and simple youth forever

Legend has it that the rose is the embodiment of the god of love, symbolizing love, peace, friendship and so on. Rose cent is red, pink, white, a variety of color such as blue again, each kind of color represents colour of a kind of feeling, among them red rose is the indicative of sacred and inviolable love of course. Usually, when giving a rose as a proposal gift to the other party, there will be a question that must be considered, that is, the number of roses.

Roses do not have the same meaning as other common flowers, a bouquet or a branch. The number of roses represents the different degrees of love, and can even express different feelings of love. The number of roses associated with the number “one” represents the number one, favorite, true love and so on.

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