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What kind of wedding dress to choose in autumn | ByCouturier

What kind of wedding dress to choose in autumn | ByCouturier

In recent years, wedding rarely are considered to be a traditional affair where the bride and the groom take their vows at a religious setting. Nowadays, the trend of organizing outdoor wedding is gaining lot of popularity. If you want to have your wedding taking place outdoor in the fall, it is important to find a dress that is both beautiful and practical. Wedding dresses with sleeves that cover the arms are ideal for an autumn ceremony in the cool weather, and colors that veer from classic white will complement the rich colors abundant in the outdoors during this time of year.

Floor length wedding dresses will help to keep you warm during your outdoor fall wedding. However, it’s best not to choose a dress that’s extremely long or has a train, as the additional fabric will make it hard for you to walk down the outdoor aisle. A form-fitting dress that falls slightly below the ankle and has a slit on the side or in the back will make for easy movement.


Choose a wedding dress with sleeves to keep you from getting too cold while you exchange vows outdoors during the autumn season. A dress with short sleeves and angular shoulders is striking, or you can select a dress with lace or tulle sleeves to give your arms minimal coverage that is both modest and fashionable. A wedding in particularly cold fall weather calls for a long-sleeved wedding dress; large accessories like drop pearl earrings or a gold cuff bracelet will complement this look well.

With an outdoor ceremony, you might want to showcase the colors of the fall in your wedding dress and accessories. Hues like orange, golden, burgundy and hunter green work well for this season. Since autumn is the season lack of vitality, you can also choose the floral mermaid wedding dresses to add fresh air to your big day.


Outdoor wedding give people a chance to experiment with their attire. So if you are having an outdoor fall wedding, think creatively and dress in a unique way.

March 21, 2019

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