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What You Should Know before Getting Your Child’s Ears Pierced

What You Should Know before Getting Your Child’s Ears Pierced

Some parents pierce their child’s ears at a very young age, and others wait until their child is old enough to ask for the earrings and to properly care for them on his or her own. Regardless of the approach that you take, there are a few things that you should know before you pierce your child’s ears. These are essential factors that may influence your decision about when to get ears pierced as well as about how to proceed after the piercing is completed.

The Types of Jewelry Available

Earrings are understandably decorative, so you want to choose jewelry that is well-suited for your child’s age. Older children may prefer to pick out their own earrings based on their personal sense of style. As you compare jewelry, be aware of what the pieces are made out of. Many children and adults have sensitive ears, so cheaper earrings can be problematic. When you visit a jewelry store or shop with body piercing jewelry suppliers look for jewelry that has been marked as hypo-allergenic. It may also be smart to opt for sterling silver or gold posts unless your child has a specific allergy quality metal. Keep in mind that gold-plated pieces are not the same as solid gold pieces.

The Care Requirements

The process of piercing creates a small wound in each of your child’s ears. The posts will need to remain in the ears for several weeks so that the skin does not heal back and close up the hole. As the skin heals, the scab can connect to the post. Therefore, your piercing professional may suggest that you or your child turn each post a few times per day. In addition, until the wounds heal, the ears will need to be cleaned at least once or twice each day to prevent infection. Even after the wounds have healed, cleaning the holes periodically is essential to prevent infection inside the holes.

Earrings are a wonderful way to accessorize and to showcase your unique individuality. However, piercings on any part of the body require special care immediately afterward as well as throughout your lifetime in different ways. As a parent, you can prepare your child for this experience by discussing the need to care for the ears and earrings properly. Ensure that your child is responsible enough to handle this task on his or her own, or you should be prepared to take care of the piercings yourself until your child is ready and able to take over.

March 11, 2019

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