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Why Are Indie Natural Skincare Brands So Pricy?

Why Are Indie Natural Skincare Brands So Pricy?

If you’re a beauty connoisseur, you’ll understand the power of a great beauty product. Nowadays, so many beauty products are loaded with preservatives and dyes. As a result, they’re not as effective as the products made with the purest ingredients. The products that have the authentic ingredients tend to be the most expensive. While you’d like to enjoy the natural skincare brands that are made by indie business owners, you’re hesitant due to the limit on your wallet. After enough frustration, it’s easy to ask why indie natural skincare brands can be so expensive. Consider these four reasons.


Take a look at the grocery stores that sell organic, whole foods. When you’re getting quality ingredients, you’re going to have to pay more. If the business owner carries a line of products that contain authentic shea butter, they’re usually sourced from Africa. The best and most authentic shea butter is imported from there. Whether you’re dealing with shea butter, mango butter or cocoa butter, the natural ingredients tend to be more expensive to find at great rates for public consumption.

Natural Ingredients Vs Cheap Synthetic Fillers

If you want to purchase castor oil or olive oil, you’ll know that these oils tend to be fairly inexpensive compared to most essential oils. A tiny bottle of skin safe lemon essential oil can easily cost upwards of $20. When a business owner purchases that tiny bottle of essential oil, they know that they’re receiving a completely natural ingredient that’s devoid of cheap synthetic fillers. This makes a difference in the quality of the product. An oil used for fragrance for a cleaning product is filled with fillers and not skin safe. The quality of the oils that you can use in skincare and makeup is much different.

Self-Distribution and Manufacturing

If a business owner doesn’t have the support of a larger company, they’ll have to manage the distribution on their own. As a result, they’ll have to pay more in shipping fees, manufacturing costs and more. If you are manufacturing a skincare line you’ll need to buy equipment like kneader mixers to mix products before packaging. You’ll also need to pay for a warehouse to manufacture the products and pay workers. When large companies have large production capacities, they’re able to take advantage of bulk purchases to save a lot more money. They’re usually making lots of products for different companies and often times overseas with shady work practices. When you support an independent beauty brand you can research to make sure the products are all natural, vegan, cruelty free and ethical work practices went into making your product.

Profit Margin

On top of the expensive ingredients and independent business expenses, a business owner is still running a profitable enterprise. They deserve to earn a fair wage for their work. If there’s anyone who deserves a fair paycheck, it would be the independent owner who also operates as the buyer, product creator and any other roles that a business needs in order to survive.

The next time you see a skincare brand with a high price point, consider whether or not they’re an indie brand. If they are, you’ll automatically gain a better understanding of the full picture. When the price is warranted and justified, it makes it a little easier to hand over the cash.

April 12, 2019

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